AVPMA Chart of Accounts


The following are some archetypes that can be used to implement the AVPMA chart of accounts. The new archetypes create 2 new lookups. One of each of these lookups must be assigned to every product so it can be reported on for sales and purchases.

The original discussion about this was in the user's forum.

The are 2 new archetypes which will add the new lookup types. The other 3 are modified product archetypes which add the lookups to each product. 

There is also an xml file which can be imported by modifiying the import script in the /bin of the openvpms-release. 

To do:

New reports will have to be developed to use the chart of accounts data. 


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Re: AVPMA Chart of Accounts

This is a modified service archetype which does not require a cost of sales account as in general there is no product purchase associated with services

product.service.adl 12.5 KB
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