Clinician Product Type Sales Analysis


*** 1.9 version - use clinician product type sales v2-1p9.jrxm

This report provides a sales analysis by Clinician and Product Type for a specified period.  It also provides an "All Clinicians" grouping which equates to a pure Product Type analysis report.  The report details the follwoing information for each Product Type

No of Time Sold

Quantity Sold

Total Sales $'s

Average Sale  (Total Sale/Qty)

Please note this report currently uses the invoice item date not the invoice date for date filtering.

10/12/2010 Report modified to fix so ex tax, includes no clinician, fix date range filter, totals on last page.


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Re: Clinician Product Type Sales Analysis


with this report, how does one get the results for all clinican on the one report. Ie Dr m% will give me Dr Matthew's figures and then a second set of identical figures.

Is it possible to get All clinican's figures on one report- is there syntax I should be using Dr m%; Dr Dan% ......etc and is the final set of figures a combined total for the period?


How do I get " All clinicians" grouping.

Matthew RR.

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