Edit SMS

This screen is used to edit details associated with SMS messages, for the purposes of communications logging.

It cannot be used to send or change the text of an SMS message.


The fields are:

  • Author
the person who created the SMS.
  • Subject  
the subject of the SMS. This will be automatically set when the SMS is for an appointment or patient reminder.
  • Recipient
the person or organisation the SMS was sent to.
  • Phone
the phone number.
  • Customer
the customer that the SMS is about, if any.
  • Patient
the patient that the SMS is about, if any.
  • Location
the practice location the SMS was sent from.
  • Provider Id
the SMS provider's identifier for the SMS.
  • Updated
the date when the message was last updated.
  • Sent
the date when the message was sent.
  • Expiry Time
the time when the message expires. If set, and the message cannot be delivered before this time, delivery will be cancelled (this may not be supported by all SMS providers).
  • Status

the status of the SMS. One of:

  • Pending - the message has not been sent to the SMS provider
  • Sent - the message has been sent to the SMS provider
  • Expired - the message expired before it could be delivered
  • Delivered - the message was delivered to the recipient
  • Error - the message could not be delivered due to an error
  • Error Reviewed - indicates that a user has reviewed the error
  • Reason
the reason for the SMS. The available reasons are configured via Administration - Lookups - Customer Communication Reason
  • Message
the message text.
  • Note
additional notes about the SMS.
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