Why are customer alerts in Administration - Lookups, but patient alerts in Administration - Types? Is there a reason, or just usual human behaviour?

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Re: Alerts?

It due to the way alerts are stored for customers and patients.

Customer alerts don't need to be queried by alert type, so they use a lookup object to store the alert type.
Lookups are simple objects that don't use many resources.

Patient alerts do need to be queried by alert type, but in order to do this, the alert type needs to be stored as an entity object. These can be efficiently queried but use more resources.


For administration purposes:

  • lookups are managed via Administration - Lookups
  • entities whose name end in 'Type' are managed via Administration - Types


Re: Alerts?

Thanks for the in depth response. It's good to understand. 

But my question was also semi rhetorical, having a dig at the user interface & layout of the admin section. I also found it amusing that it has taken me 6 months of using OV to notice it. 

Re: Alerts?

just a thought. While understandable from a programing perspective. Would it be better from a UI perspective to combine these and just have a single admin list for these? Most end users are unlikely to realise or care for the difference. They are just looking for where they can add/move things....?

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