Ask for microchip, or show microchip number on Check-in?

Hi OpenVPMS gurus,

I am working with some clinics using our system of locking medical history to microchips. It requires scanning the microchip at check-in which links with the microchip stored in identity.

We’d like to add a microchip prompt to the “New Weight” popup after clicking “Check-In” button.

Currently the “New Weight” prompts with Date (Defaulted to TODAY), Weight (asks for weight), Units (Defaulted to Kg) and Clinician (defaulted to assigned clinician).

We’d like it to show the microchip number below these, as well as a text reminder to scan the patient.

If there is no microchip recorded, we’d like it to have the same microchip “Add” button to add it right there. Same button that currently sits in the “Patient Information Panel”

All before finishing the “New Weight” check in window.

What is required to add Microchip to the “New Weight” archetype (act.patientWeight.1.0)? Like it is currently sits in the Patient Information Panel?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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Re: Ask for microchip, or show microchip number on Check-in?

It sounds like you are looking at an earlier version of OpenVPMS. The OpenVPMS 2.1.x source code is on Bitbucket at on the master branch.


In OpenVPMS 2.1, there is already a facility to display and capture the microchip on Check-In. This is done by clicking on the button next to the Patient field, as shown below. If there is no microchip, one can be added by clicking Add, otherwise it will display any existing microchip.

If you wanted to make it more prominent, the relevant class is org.openvpms.web.workspace.workflow.checkin.CheckInEditor

For an example of entering and registering microchip for a patient, see the onCreateMicrochip() method of  org.openvpms.web.workspace.patient.summary.PatientSummary.



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