Bit of help editing the medical records template

Hi everyone,


We had a request from one of our referral clinics in regards to our medical records and date order (an old chestnut I know).

My understanding is that date order goes Visit>Note

Their confusion comes in not being able to see where the visits start (and why note dates are therefore not always in chronological order). 


Easy, thought I. I will add a horizontal divider to the template for each visit. But I couldn't work out how to do that just for visits as the way data is provided to the medical records template is a little different from other jasper reports. 

Any tips?



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Re: Bit of help editing the medical records template

Nevermind! I worked it out by looking at the medical records template that comes with OpenVPMS and comparing it to our heavily customised version.


Each visit child (eg. Note) has its own Band/ Detail. 

I must have deleted the Visit band a long time ago.

I re-added it, put in the horizontal divider and wa la.


Sorry for the spam.

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