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I am new to OpenVPMS 2.1.2 and just trying to learn how the system operates. I installed a demo instance on ubuntu 18.04 and mysql 5.7.29 with tomcat 8.5. I have manage to do some basics with it like registering a customer, patient and performing OTC with sample products. I seem to not be able to create work list and billing. The worklist window has the new button button nothing happens when i click on the new button. I am kind of stuck here. I read the documentation but the button is not giving the window as documented. I have tried both as an admin user as well as a normal user and no errors pops up even in the tomcat openvpms log files. Is there anything am missing? 

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Re: Cannot Work List

You need to create a Work List View containing the Work Lists you want to display, and link it to your Practice Location via the Work List Views tab. Note that the Display Expression is not required.

If you haven't already done so, you will also need to a Schedule View and link it to your Practice Location via the Schedule Views tab.

To see the changes in Workflow - Scheduling and Workflow - Work Lists, you will need to log out and back in again.

There is an overview of Schedules and Work Lists here.

Re: Cannot Work List

Thank you @tanderson will go through that and revert.

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