Can't install Australian Postcodes


I am having trouble with a fresh install. I have worked through as many of the guides as I can as possible;

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 server on a VMware Playstation so I can easily back it up ect (will upgrade this later).

I have Java 8, mysql 5.7 I think I have made the required changes, tomcat8 and the connector java.

I follow through all the instructions and I can compile the webapp, then I can log into it and use it.

My problem is the very last step - loading the Australian postcodes.

From the bin directory, I sudo ./ ../import/data/postcodesAU.xml

It all seems to flash past without a worry. The last line is Processed 32235 objects in 34.00 seconds (948.09 objects/sec).

I then restart Apache and Tomcat8. The problem is I can no longer access the webapp using the same address (ip address:8080/openvpms). I have tried restarting the server and many other things to no luck. I have dropped the database and gone through the intructions several times and the same problem keeps happening.

It seems without the postcodeAU.xml loaded - the webapp works seamlessly. Once it is loaded. It somehow crashes it and I can no longer to access it to even log in?

Any help appreciated.



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Re: Can't install Australian Postcodes

* omitted that I'm trying with OpenVPMS version 2.1.1

Re: Can't install Australian Postcodes

Are you going to http://localhost:8080/openvpms/login ?

Can you see anything in <TOMCAT_HOME>/logs/openvpms-full.log ?

Re: Can't install Australian Postcodes

Thanks Tim, that prompted me to look at the logs, with a bit of reading, it seems that either tomcat or java wasn't given enough memory.

I opened a configuration file by

sudo nano /etc/default/tomcat8

Found the line that reads JAVA_OPTS="-Djava.awt.headless=true -Xmx128m -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC"

and I changed 128m to 1024m. I think there are more specific settings you could put in here if you knew a bit more about it but after the above basic change I was able to restart the server and it all works well with the postcodes loaded.

Hope this helps someone else.




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