Dymo 450 on Hyper-V VM

Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to move my OpenVPMS from a Windows 10 standalone pc to a Hyper-V virtual machine, mostly for failover recovery purposes.

Everything works a charm except the Dymo 450 label printer.  I'm lost.

So typically I want the Dymo to be in reception at a workstation, the VM running Tomcat and Open will be somewhere else in the clinic.

I don't have the Dymo print server hardware but am happy to buy it if that will be the only sollution.


Any help would be appreciated!


Disclaimer: I'm not a VM expert but I know how to Google ;-)




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Re: Dymo 450 on Hyper-V VM

Re: Dymo 450 on Hyper-V VM

Thanks for this.


I ended up buying the new wireless Dymo and it works well although not on Windows Server.



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