Java Warning on home page

Perhaps it's time to retire the Java warning on the OpenVPMS home page or at least CLEARLY advise that it applies only to versions 1.7 and earlier. Currently neither the warning in red nor the post it links to specifies the OpenVPMS versions the warning relates to: the site has mixed messages between an inadequate warning on red on the home page and the listing in software requirements.

01-2015 Do not use Java 8 warning published
11-2015 v 1.8.1 release
02-2016 Java 8 is ok a/c Ben Charlton
11-2016 v1.9 release
09-2017 v1.9.3

Also I note that it's claimed that OpenOffice 4.x is said to be "agnostic" but it can't find 64-bit Java.....

.... but can find Java if 32-bit Java is installed.


  • Do you therefore need to install both 32-bit and 64-bit Java? or;
  • do you even need to select a JRE (ie ignore/leave blank the Java option in OpenOffice options)?

(currently using lockdown to upgrade from W7-32bit to W10-64bit on a new server)


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Re: Java Warning on home page

Thanks for the feedback. I've removed the warning from the front page, and added a corresponding section to the Troubleshooting page:

You shouldn't need Java in order to use OpenOffice. Is there some documentation that says otherwise?

Re: Java Warning on home page

>You shouldn't need Java in order to use OpenOffice.
>Is there some documentation that says otherwise?

Long ago in a galaxy far far away (ie ~2010!) I recall that part of the configuration instructions for OpenOffice (v3 in those days) were to
(a) select the JRE in Options | Java and
(b) in Options | Internet check the box marked "Display documents in browser"

The internet option disappeared many years ago but the "use a JRE environment" option is still present and I naturally assumed it was still a requirement.  (Always a problem with us early adopters, thinking the same software needs the same configs).



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