Medical Prescriptions - compliance and charging

I am interested in improving the compliance of OpenVPMS with various rules surrounding vets issuing written prescriptions -


Currently, OpenVPMS handles prescriptions as an internal object - basically really designed to manage a pet's prescription at the practice itself rather than at a 3rd party pharmacy.  

We created a prescription template that products a compliant 3rd party script but my issue is that you can print a script multiple times and there is also nothing automatically logged to say a script has been issued to the client.  

What I propose is that there is an option that to "externally dispense" a medication - this would do 2 things 1 place a charge on the file - not a medication charge ie unit priced but a service charge. (configurable) - log an entry to the patient history AND increment the "Dispensing" 

Today we increasingly see clients that feel they can use a 3rd party online pharmacy more cost-effectively which is fine but each prescription issued does require a history review and a signed document, necessitating a fee.

Open to thoughts and ideas

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Re: Medical Prescriptions - compliance and charging

Hi Ben,

We see this need as well.  The general scenario is a product that is not part of the clinics inventory of medications but dispensed by a third party pharmacy.  We have used a special document template as well that prompts for the medication details , repeats etc.  This was attached to a External Precription fee typically and generated the actual document to give to the customer.  

In regards dispensings isn't this managed between the customer and the chosen third party pharmacy not by the clinic ?  i.e not something the clinic is involved in once the external prescription has been provided to the customer.

Are you thinking of a new Patient Prescription type "External Prescription" which doesn't link to a medication but has a field for the medication details and a way to create one of these when billing a specific product ?



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