Multiple Prescriptions To be Printed



I would like to ask on how to print multiple medication prescriptions in one single prescription file. I know that there is a Medical Record that lists all prescriptions/services per visit but I would just like to print all the medications that was given on a particular visit.




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Re: Multiple Prescriptions To be Printed

You can print off a summary of just the medications in a visit in Patients - Medical Records - Summary:

  1. select Medication in the Type dropdown
  2. untick All
  3. enter a date range in From and To that selects the visit you want the medications for
  4. click Print


Re: Multiple Prescriptions To be Printed



Thanks for the response. I tried that and it works for the purpose but is there a way to integrate multiple prescription printing in just one page? For example, I have a patient with multiple prescriptions in the same visit. I get it that the Medical Summary can provide that printing I need but I was just curious if it is possible to print multiple prescriptions on the same day visit or based on a specific date range via the Prescription tab.




Re: Multiple Prescriptions To be Printed

No. It could be supported by writing a report however.

This would need to be launched from Reporting - Reports.

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