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It seems we can write an unlimited amount of text in a note, but when we print/email the patient history, if the note is long it won't appear. Is this something to do with our document set up or OpenVPMS?




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Re: Note length

Either the latest Medical Record template hasn't been installed, or you have a custom version installed along with the standard template and it is being used instead.

Standard templates

If you are using the standard templates, you can update the existing template by:

  1. going to Administration - Templates
  2. searching for the template named 'Medical Records'
  3. click Edit
  4. click the Upload button
  5. browse for the file Medical Records.jrxml located in the reports/Patient/Medical Records/A4/ in the OpenVPMS installation
  6. click Send
  7. click OK

If you are still having issues, its likely you have a custom template installed. This will need to be deactivated.

Custom templates

If you are using a custom template, it will need to be updated as per the Implementation Checklist.

This page lists all of the templates that were changed for OpenVPMS 2.2.

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