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As a referral hospital we make heavy use of the referral vet practice/ referral vet feature in OVPMS. We have recently been updating our database and noticed a few issues with how this works and feel some changes and updates might be required.

The first issue is that the client is attached to the referral vet, rather than practice. So in our case we are trying to update which referral vet works at which practice. If we change which practice a vet is associated with it changes the vet practice for a whole bunch of clients associated with that vet practice. This is not ideal. In practice most clients are attached to a practice rather than a particular vet.

The second issue is, if we delete or deactivate or end a referral vets association with a practice, then it removes that vet/practice from a whole bunch of clients. This causes issues for return visits, reporting, etc.

The third issue is we can't merge practices. We have a few duplicates. If we deactivate or delete a duplicate it removes that vet/practice from a whole bunch of clients. Again. Chaos results.

From our perspective we would prefer:

- If clients are attached to a vet practice.

- If we move a vet from one practice to another the client's file stays associated with the original practice and perhaps they just don't have a vet associated with them, or they get associated with the practice principal.

- Ideal if we could nominate a practice principal that was the default vet for that practice (or the vet that gets associated if the client doesn't have a preferred vet).

- If we could merge practices and vets.

I would be interested to hear if other referral practices or practices that use this feature have similar issues or other suggestions.

Thank you,

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