Templates(Pricing) nested

I have also noted that when nesting templates the print rules are not adhered to 

I have an

Anaesthetic - Indcuction template (it includes 10 items) but the print box is cleared on all items and set to print an aggregate.

I have a dental template

It includes the above induction template pluse 2 other items

It is set to print each item and not aggregate

The current behaviour is the aggregation is lost on the included induction template.

I would have thought this unintended.


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Re: Templates(Pricing) nested

This is the expected behaviour. When a template includes another template, the root template determines aggregation.

If it was the nested template, it wouldn't be possible to:

  • do aggregation from the root template
  • sum quantities of products included in multiple templates, so that it only appears once in the invoice/estimate

In other words, expanding a template flattens the template heirarchy. The original template that a product was included from is lost, replaced with that of the root template.

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