Workflow question - mark invoices as complete & stay in visit?

I'm not sure if this is a limitation of my understanding, or of the workflow in OpenVPMS.

When in the Edit Visit screen (from the Consult button on the Scheduling) is there a way to mark the invoice as Completed, but leave the Edit Visit screen open so I can finish writing the history? At the moment, if I want to mark the Invoice as completed (to save me getting off my a$$ and walking to reception) it closes the Edit Visit window, so I need to click back into it again.

Is there a better way of doing it than I am? (And yes, I should just get moving & go & talk to the receptionist. But sometimes time matters.)

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Re: Workflow question - mark invoices as complete & stay in ...

This isn't supported. The Completed button was intended to indicate that you had completed making changes.

If you do want to go back in to the history and make changes, you can use Alt-U keyboard shortcut to launch the Consult workflow again.

Re: Workflow question - mark invoices as complete & stay in ...

Just to say I often have this issue. I complete a bill and want to keep writing notes but have to click back into the patient file. Would be good if this button either didn't exit the window, or if there was a "complete" and a "complete and exit" button.

Bonus for a button that uncompletes invoices (and worklists) when someone has accidentally already completed it! Or if the complete button changes to "Uncomplete" when pressed so you can reverse this process if clicked accidentally.

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