Worklist - Display expression

Hi there,

I'm trying to change the display expression of the worklist to include the Task Type.

This does the trick so far but I don't seem to understand how to get Task Type included:

concat(openvpms:get(., ''),' - ',openvpms:get(., ''), '\n', openvpms:get(., 'act.description') , ' - ', openvpms:get(.,'act.statusName'), '\n', openvpms:get(.,''))

Which currently shows:


Jane Doe - Fluffy

Remember to phone about lab results - Pending

Dr John Doe


What is missing is a line with the task type for example: "Lab results returned".


Is this possible?


Regards, Anton


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Re: Worklist - Display expression

You need to include: openvpms:get(., '')


concat(openvpms:get(., ''),' - ', openvpms:get(., ''), '\n', 
       openvpms:get(., 'act.description') , ' - ', openvpms:get(.,'act.statusName'), '\n', 
       openvpms:get(.,''), '\n', 
       openvpms:get(., ''))

Re: Worklist - Display expression

Thanks a million!

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