OpenVPMS 2.0.4

This is a bug fix release.

The release can be downloaded from the Download page.

See Installing OpenVPMS for installation instructions.

Upgrading OpenVPMS

See Upgrading an existing system for general instructions on upgrading from an earlier release.

Users upgrading from an earlier 2.0.x release must perform the upgrade tasks listed in the subsequent releases first:

There are no migration requirements if you are upgrading from 2.0.3.


Changes in this release include:

Bug fixes: 
  • [OVPMS-2113] - Reminder CSV export lists incorrect customer addresses
  • [OVPMS-2115] - PDF invoices submitted with insurance claims may have different content to claim.
  • [OVPMS-2117] - Add Visit & Note requires mandatory clinician, leaves visit status IN_PROGRESS