24/7 Till Balancing

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When performing till balancing, the current approach is to suspend finalising payments and refunds so that the uncleared till balance isn't changing as the till is being balanced and cleared.

This is fine for practices that close down for the night, but not ideal for those that run 24/7.

This project will introduce a new till balance status "In Progress", used to indicate that a Till Balance is in the process of being cleared.

Once in an "In Progress" state, newly finalised payments and refunds will be added to a new till balance, leaving the "In Progress" till balance unchanged.

In this state, the till balance may have adjustments applied.

A new button "Start Clear" will be added to Reporting|Till Balancing to set an uncleared till balance status to "In Progress".

The "Clear" button may be used to clear both "Uncleared" and "In Progress" balanances.



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Re: 24/7 Till Balancing

Tim A - I have authority to pay for this when you set the costing.  Regards, Tim G

Re: 24/7 Till Balancing

Tim G has contributed the funds to get this project completed. Thanks once again for your fabulous support!

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