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There have been several topics raised in respect to this. Nick raised the ability to export data in a chosen format. Bayer has expressed interest in creating the ability for pratice managers to export data automatically and even in a scheduled fashion. There have been a variety of requests for practice reports in other posts as well.


Tony De Keizer has suggested an approach that could encompass all of these requests and future anticipated needs as well. Essentially the key steps are to;

a) Create a Data Warehouse

This would involve a snapshot of sorts of the data within our OpenVPMS database. It is organised however in a way that is more suitable for reporting and business analysis.

b) Use software to allow an intuitive building of new reports without having to understand SQL or other database languages.

There are apparently several options here including some which will handle scheduled reports and report delivery (email etc).


The potential benefits here span many entities. Here are some possible scenarios:

Practice Managers

Can design reports specific for their practice and run these reports without slowing down the application. The practice manager wont need to know SQL, just a clear understanding of what vital signs they want from their business.


Some of us provided anonmysed sale data to some manafacturers and this imposes a workload on our clerical staff. Here the interested parties can design their own "Analysis Modules" and we can plug them into the interface.

Business Analysts

For that associated industry that provides advice and business analysis, they can design their own suite of reports that they use to provide their analysis, easier and quicker for OpenVPMS practices.



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business analysis

Hi, Great minds must think alike. I have just posted an item on a similar topic (much less organised than this  seems to be), so great minds must think alike. I would be very interested in this. Early August sounds good, as long as it is after the 5th



Amanda Hulands-Nave Bellarine Veterinary Practice

Amanda Hulands-Nave

Bellarine Veterinary Practice

Sign me up

Please keep me in the loop on this - and see my comments on Forums - Reporting Discussion

sep/oct webinar

Hi Matt,


Any week in either sep or oct would suit us


Amanda Hulands-Nave Bellarine Veterinary Practice

Amanda Hulands-Nave

Bellarine Veterinary Practice

Business Analysis Presentation

As promised please find attached the presentation used for last weeks business analysis  project overview webinar.

Apologies for the delay.



OpenVPMS - Business Analysis Project.pdf 1.05 MB
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