Allow "Vaccination due date" to be shown on patient forms

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Matt C

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This project has been costed (19/11/10)

This will make the changes neccesary to allow users to add the next reminder due date for a patient to their patient forms.

Revision & change in costing to $850 (22/11/11)

The logic to be used in this feature will be the form will get the next due date as follows:

1. If there the form was generated when billing an item, it will use that item to get the reminder due date. If there are multiple reminders linked to the item, it will use the one with the nearest due date.

2. If the form was created directly (ie. Not automatically during billing), it will use the reminder with the nearest due date for the product in the Product field.

3. If the form doesn't fit either description above, no due date will be returned.


Fully funded (21/02/12)


Matt C


Revision 03/11/11

o        There was support for this feature.

o        However after discussion it was suggested this be moved back to Developer Review.

o        I have failed to record the issues raised that meant that it need Developer review but might have related to grouped reminders.

o        This project has been moved to Developer Review.

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