Automatic Order Generation

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Currently which products to order in order to maintain ideal stock levels is generated using the stock reorder report .  This report uses the stock onhand, critical and onhand levels for each product and stock location as well as the current onorder amounts to calculate how much of the product should be ordered. It uses the preferred supplier to ascertain from which supplier to purchase from.

Once this report is generated the user has to select the appropriate products they wish to order and use the Suppliers -> Orders workspace to enter the order manually. 

This project seeks to add a new feature where the orders are generated directly rather than via a report and by manual entry.  The proposed specification is as follows:

  1. Add a New button in the Suppliers->Orders workspace called "Generate Orders"
  2. When selected a new "Generate Orders" dialogue will appear.  You will have a choice to select a specific Stock Location or All as well as a specific Supplier or All.  You will also have an option to only generate orders for products below critical levels.  The dialogue will include a Generate and a Cancel button.
  3. When the generate button is selected "In Progress" orders will be created for the selected suppliers and stock locations which have products that require ordering.  This will use the same order generation logic as the current Stock reorder report.

The user will be able to review and edit the generated orders in the Supplier -> Orders workspace and when ready finalise.  Finalisation will automatically dispatch orders electronically for those suppliers setup with ESCI services. Others can be printed by the user as required.

We look forward to user comments on this project and the proposed specification.


The JIRA is available here.


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Automatic Order Generation (From the Meeting)

From the recent Meeting

o        There was support for this project but little in the way of extra detail to be added.

o        If there is nothing more to add then Tony may move it to Developer Review and get it costed with a specification of his own.

Re: Automatic Order Generation (From the Meeting)

What Tony has proposed looks good for us,

Bernie & Jannine

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