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OpenVPMS currently allows estimates to be copied via the the Copy button in Customers - Estimates and Visit - Estimates.

When clicked, a new estimate is created for the same customer and patient(s) with:

  • the current date/time
  • Completed status
  • the items of the original estimate

The estimate is immediately saved.

This project will change this behaviour. When pressing Copy, a prompt will be displayed with the following options:

  • Copy
  • Copy to

Customer: [field to select the customer]

Patient:    [field to select the patient]

   OK      Cancel

Pressing OK copies the estimate according to the selected option:

  • Copy - this is the default, and copies the estimate as per the current behaviour
  • Copy to - this copies the estimate to the selected customer and patient. The fields default to the customer and patient of the original estimate*.

Once copied, the new estimate is displayed in an editor. Pressing OK/Apply saves the new estimate. Pressing Cancel discards it (providing Apply hasn't already been pressed).

If the copy is made in Customers - Estimates and is for a different customer than the current, a prompt will be displayed:

Do you want to change to <New Customer>

Yes  No

If Yes is clicked, the new customer will selected, and the new estimate selected in Customer - Estimates.


* if the original estimate had multiple patients, the first patient will be selected.


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Re: Copy estimate to different customer/patient


This project popped up on my radar because I was about to post something about our need to have better estimating templates.

From what I can see this is essentially a project to allow for better templating of estimates.

If this project gets up what I can see us doing is creating a client called "Estimates" with a whole bunch of estimates that we can then copy. This seems a little bit round about to me.

Would a better solution not be to have "estimate templates" the same way we have "product templates"?

We could even put them in the same area? I imagine it would be a bit more coding, but a better long term solution.

For us to use estimate templates via this project if I wanted to use a TPLO template I would need to find the estimate customer, find the correct estimate, copy it, remember and find the customer I wanted to copy it to... I.e. I have to do a whole new workflow when I am already sitting in my customer's file thinking "I want to add a TPLO estimate to this customer".


I am sitting in the customer and create a new estimate and there is a dropdown menu or search box where I can find all my saved estimate templates. I select one and it drops all the information in INCLUDING notes, title (and for us "Exculsions").

Would people be interested in this variation of the project above?

Re: Copy estimate to different customer/patient


Further to this discussion ( would people still want to pursue this project if there was a project to create estimate templates?

I.e. can we just have estimate templates or would people still like the ability to copy and paste between clients, etc?

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