Display active status when searching

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Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum).
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Project description: 

Many searches include a checkbox "Include Deactivated" (e.g. Customer, Patient and Product searches). When selected, the search will return both active and inactive results.

However there is no way to determine if a result is active or inactive, without selecting it.

Similarly, there is no way to search only inactive results.

This project will:

  • replace the Include Deactived checkbox with a dropdown list named "Active", with the options:
    • Yes - only include active results. This is the default
    • No - only include inactive results
    • Both - include both active and inactive results
  • add a "Active" column in the results when Active/Inactive is selected. It will display a checkbox indicating if a result is active/inactive.

The column will be displayed when searching for deactivated:

  • customers
  • patients
  • products
  • suppliers
  • all organisational items in Administation|Organisation
  • all types in Administration|Types
  • document templates
  • users
  • groups
  • roles
  • authorities
  • archetypes



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Re: Display active status when searching

Suggestions to improve the functionality of this:

- Sometimes you know you are looking for a deactivated datient/customer/product only. Would it not be better to be able to filter by active/deative/both?


- Will you be able to order by active/deactivated? If so how will it order (i.e. deactivated then date added? deactivated then alphabetical by surname?).

Re: Display active status when searching

So you would prefer an "Include" dropdown with the options: "Active", "Inactive", and "Both"?

The active column isn't indexed -  you wouldn't sort on it as the primary sort criteria, as it would be very slow on large datasets.

What date added are you referring to? There is no date added field in the entities above.


Re: Display active status when searching

Hi, yes, I think a dropdown box as you described would be a good idea and extend the functionality of this feature.

- Sorry, I was thinking of the Date in the Details column for example in Customers -> Information -> Patients (not the search box that you are referring to I think).

Re: Display active status when searching

Happy to add this, but I will need to recost to incorporate documentation updates.

Re: Display active status when searching

Hi, please incorperate these changes and recost and we will chip in.



Re: Display active status when searching




Re: Display active status when searching

Thank you Tim! I would like to contribute 20% to this project. Would love to hear more suggestion or input from other users like above too :)

Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Re: Display active status when searching

A supporter has kindly donated another 20% to this project which, along with the 20% pledged by Anthony means that we just need another 60% to get this project fully funded.

Thank you both very much. Anyone out there who would love to have this available in the next version? This is your chance to help make it happen! Why not donate $100  of tax deductable dollars (or more) to help things along?

Re: Display active status when searching

This project has been fully funded. Thanks very much to yet another strong supporter of OpenVPMS for making this happen.

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