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Update 27/5/15: This project has been cancelled as the functionality can be achieved using the features introduced by




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Forum :


In the mail editor, email addresses for individuals are displayed as:

			<last name>, <first name> "<" <email address> ">"


			Smith, Joe <joe[at]smith[dot]com>

To make the "To" field in the email editor looks a little friendlier and less "computer generated", these should be displayed as:

			<first name> <last name> "<" <email address> ">"


			Joe Smith <joe[at]smith[dot]com>

This should be configurable to enable the customer title to be specified in locations that require a more formal form of address.

It should be possible to override the generated display name on a per customer and practice basis.

E.g, the From address currently displays the practice location name. This is fine for internal use, but may not be descriptive enough for emails.

The archetype has a name field which defaults to "Email Contact". If modified, this should be used rather than the generated display name.

E.g., the practice location name may be "Main Clinic". If the name of the is set to "My Vet (Main Clinic) - Accounts Dept", this will be used in preference.


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Re: Display email address names as first name & last name

Note that there are countries where the name order is family-name given-names.  In countries like Hong Kong it is common to use the family/given order for people using 'chinese' names (eg Lee Jun Fan) and the given/family order for people with 'western' names (eg Bruce Lee).

Programs like Microsoft Outlook cope with this by having a 'file as' field (which allows you to file as either Joe Smith or Smith, Joe), and a 'display as' field for the email address where you can use Joe Smith< jsmith[at]gmail[dot]com > or Smith Joe< jsmith[at]gmail[dot]com > .

Where one has a diverse client list it is common to overcome the 'which order' problem by simply using the title and family name - so we have Mr Lee < blee[at]gmail[dot]com > since this works irrespective of whether he likes to be called Lee Jun Fan or Bruce Lee - in fact we would probably record his given names as Jun Fan (Bruce) and the cantonese speaking receptionist would address him as Lee Jun Fan, but the expat vet would use Bruce Lee or Mr Lee.

So, can I please ask for a solution that provides a alterable recipe (probably in the file) so that casual Australians can use Bruce Lee, but in Hong Kong we can use Mr Lee.  That is we have a concat expression which by default is set to given-name," ",family-name,"<",emailAddress,">" but can be adjusted to title," ",family-name,"<",emailAddress,">".

Regards, Tim G

Re: Display email address names as first name & last name

I've updated the JIRA to address this.


-Tim A

Re: Email address display names

I think that the aims of this project are met by the changes in 1.8 and hence suggest that we cancel or otherwise mark as completed by the work in 1.8.

Regards, Tim G

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