Document printing during invoicing and default options for printing during Checkout

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The idea for this project came from an idea raised by Sandra (Thanks Sandra!).




The feature would have a document print prompt appear when invoicing an item that has a linked document.

Examples where this might be useful is the generation of patient information that you need prior to the checkout process. Another scenario might be if you have documents that are always printed, printing them during billing will make the receptionists/cashiers checkout process that tiny bit faster.


There have been a few options that have been suggested to ensure it does not become a time killer whilst billing (ie. many dialogs popping up all over the place).


a) A document template can be set to automatically print as soon as the item is billed. eg. "Print Document Immediately". If the template is set to Interactive, a print dialog will appear. If not, the document prints as soon as the item is added.

b) The default for whether a template is set to be printed (Tick in the Print box) in the Checkout process is able to be set to True or False. This prevents the need for staff to untick boxes during checkout.



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