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This project will add support to query available appointment slots:

  • for a schedule view or schedule
  • on a particular day, after a date, or between two dates
  • at a particular time, after a time, or between two times
  • optionally for a duration (e.g. 15 mins, or 5 days)

This will enable users to issue queries like:

  • find a free surgery slot for Thursday next week
  • find the next free 30 minute slot
  • find a boarding cage for 5 days in July

It will be initiated by clicking a "Find Free Slot" button in the Workflow|Scheduling screen.

The Find Free Slot button will display a dialog with filters for:

  • Schedule View - defaults to the current Schedule View in Workflow|Scheduling. If unset, Schedule is used
  • Schedule - defaults to all schedules in the Schedule View
  • Start Date - defaults to the current date in Workflow|Scheduling
  • End Date - empty by default, indicating all dates after Start Date. If set, specifies to find all slots up to <End Date> 23:59:59
  • Start Time - empty by default, indicating all times
  • End Time - empty by default, indicating all times
  • Duration - the slot duration. Defaults to the minimum slot size of the schedules in the Schedule View
  • Duration Units - the slot duration units. One of Minutes, Hours, or Days. Defaults to Minutes

Clicking the dialog's Find button will list the available free slots matching the criteria, including the:

  • Schedule
  • Date
  • Time

If a match is selected, two buttons are enabled:

  • New Appointment - selecting this opens an Appointment editor populated with the schedule, date, time and duration. The appointment type will be set to the first one found with a similar duration.
  • View Schedule - selecting this closes the dialog, and displays the appropriate schedule with the slot highlighted

The dialog's OK button may be used to close the dialog.


Sample Queries

Query: Find the next available slot for the current View



Schedule View Default value
Schedule Unset - means all Schedules in the Schedule View
Start Date Default - today's date
End Date Unset
Start Time Unset
End Time Unset
Duration Default. The minimum duration for all schedules in the View. E.g. "15"
Duration Units Default - minutes


Sample Results

Schedule Date Time
Dr Smith 17/3 10:00
Dr Smith 17/3 1:15
Dr Jones 17/3 10:30
Dr Smith 18/3 9:00
Dr Jones 18/3 11:45

Query: Find a surgery slot next Thursday or Friday, between 11am and 3pm



Schedule View Unset
Schedule "Surgery"
Start Date Next Thursday's date
End Date Next Fridays's date
Start Time 11:00
End Time 15:00
Duration Default minimum duration for "Surgery" schedule. E.g. "30"


Sample Results

Schedule Date Time
Surgery 20/3 11:30
Surgery 20/3 13:30
Surgery 21/3 14:30

Query: Find a cage for 5 days after the 21/3.



Schedule View "Cages"
Schedule Unset - all cages in "Cages" view
Clinician Unset
Start Date 21/3
End Date Unset
Start Time Unset
End Time Unset
Duration 5
Duration Units Days


Sample Results

Schedule Date Time
Cage 1 21/3 9:00
Cage 3 21/3 9:00
Cage 4 22/3 9:00
Cage 4 23/3 9:00
Cage 4 24/3 9:00
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