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This project will add support for insurance claims.

It will enable the user to:

  • create a new Insurance Claim for a patient; and
  • add some/all invoice items to the claim; and
  • automatically total those items being claimed
  • print or email the claim


NOTE: this project has been rolled into and will soon be removed

Creating Claims

Insurance claims will be created via new tab in Patients - Medical Records called "Claims".

When first displayed, the Insurance Claim editor will display a browser containing all Finalised invoice items for the patient, each with a tick-box next to it. Each box will be selected by default. These indicate the items that form the claim.

To exclude an item from the claim, untick it. Clicking OK adds the ticked items to the claim.

Invoice items are listed with the following details, most recent first:

  • Invoice Id
  • Invoice Date/time
  • Invoice Item Id
  • Product name
  • Quantity
  • Total

Invoice items can be added and removed from the claim.

Clicking Add displays all invoice items that aren't currently present in the claim, up until the time the claim was created. Each item has a tick-box which is unselected by default. To add an item to the claim, tick it. Clicking OK adds the ticked items to the claim.

Editing Claims

Existing claims may be edited if their status is In Progress.

Finalised claims may not be edited.

Printing and Emailing Claims

Claims may be printed or emailed. This will be supported via a JasperReport template. This template will include:

  • patient summary information
  • invoice items included in the claim
  • a total of the items being claimed
  • patient history, up to the time of the claim

If the claim is not finalised (i.e can still be edited), the output will include the text Draft, to indicate that it is not complete.


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