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UPDATE 9/5/2020. In OpenVPMS 2.2, unlimited notes are supported using the existing document support. See


Patient clinical note fields are limited to 5000 characters at present, requiring long notes to be split accross multiple Note records.

This project will add support for large text documents that can be used to store notes of practically unlimited length.

Initially, the text documents will be used to store patient clinical notes, but could be used to store any text record in future, including html.

This will require a modification to the OpenVPMS database schema to add a new text_documents table. This will be similar to the documents table but have a longtext column instead of a longblob. The longtext column will be easier to search and report.

Changes required:

  • add text_documents table to store text
  • add framework support for text documents
  • change act.patientClinicalNote archetype to use a text document for its note field
  • change act.patientClinicalNote editor to edit text documents
  • add support to migrate existing databases. This includes:
    • updating the schema to include the text_documents table
    • migrating existing act.patientClinicalNote data


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Re: Large text documents

Hi, this has cropped up as an issue for us again. Does the project need updating in light of the fact it was proposed 4 years ago, or can it go ahead in the form it is currently in?



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