Messaging enhancements

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Development Project Status: Completed

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Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum).
Development will not commence until fully funded.

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There have been a number of requests to extend Messaging to:

  1. send a message to one or more users
  2. forward a message to one or more users
  3. reply to sender with message editing
  4. forward a message with message editing
  5. increase the Notes field to be more than 255 characters
  6. send a message to one or more user groups
  7. forward a message to one or more user groups
  8. delete messages






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Re: Messaging enhancements

Hi Tim,

That looks great. Also please allow messages to be either deleted or completed


Re: Messaging enhancements

There is currently support to complete messages via the Complete button.

This marks the selected message Complete. Did you want it do something different?


Re: Messaging enhancements

This all looks good.

Main thing for us would be reply to message. Point 3.


Re: Messaging enhancements

Looks all good to me,


Re: Messaging enhancements

This is now costed.


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