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These tweaks came from the original incarnation of the Reducing the Clicks topic.

Some ideas are listed below, costed and ready for funding. Others are still being reviewed. I will update the project as more features come out of developer review (Edit. 18/8/10).


Forum: http://www.openvpms.org/forum/reducing-clicks

JIRA: See Below


Now this project is comprised of a number of JIRA's or developer tasks. Several have been reviewed and costed.

When you pledge (as I am sure there will be a torrent of $ flowing for these ones ), just make sure you specify which JIRA number you are giving money for.

The list is as follows (this list can also be found here www.openvpms.org/project/minor-tweaks-1)


JIRA 965 $250 "Invoice" is default in New Charges dialog (Currently 100% funded)

When creating charges in the Customer Charges workspace a dialog pops up titled "New Invoice" and lists 3 options, "Counter Sale", "Credit" and "Invoice".
This should default to "Invoice" and be selectable with Enter key.

A great side effect of this change is that we will be able to use arrow keys in similiar "New" selection boxes.


JIRA 964 $330 Customer & patient fields are filled from a Customer search (Currently 100% funded)

Presently, an appointment's customer and patient fields must be input separately.
However, the customer browser can be used to query customers by name, contact and/or patient.
In the case where the patient was used to query the customer, appointment editing can be simplified by populating the patient field automatically.

(Edit. 19/8/10) An additional feature which is to make the newly selected patient not only present in the new appointment but the current patient in the patient workspace. This added 1 hr to development. ($250-$330).

JIRA 963 $250 Choose the default Highlight option in Schedules and Worklist Views (Currently 100% funded)

In Schedule Views and Worklist Views, have a default Highlight option to prevent having to select it each time you log-in/out.


JIRA 967 $250 Pressing enter in an empty field launches a search dialog. (Currently 100% funded)

This should function the same way as if the search button (i.e the one with binoculars) had been pressed.
The search button (little button with binoculars) will also be removed from thetaken out of the tab order (ie. The order of boxes that you move to if you press the "TAB" button).

This is very important for those of us who like to do as much as possible with keystrokes.

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