Multiple active referrals

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Development Project Status: Under Discussion

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Project description: 

OpenVPMS currently only allows a single active referral.

This project will:

  1. allow multiple active referrals
  2. create new Referral Letter and Referral Forms that include the referral
  • These are essentially the same as the existing patient Letter and Forms but provide a mandatory Referral field.
  • The Referral field will:
    • default to the most recent referral of the patient
    • allow a new referral to be added
    • any new referral will be added to the patient's list of referrals (i.e. be displayed in Patients|Information), as a Referred To record.
  1. change reporting functions to:
  • use the Referral field if present; or
  • fall back to the referal with the closest Start Date to that of either the document act being generated, or the current time. Note that this can lead to ambiguities as its reliant on the creation order of the Referred From and Referred To records, so use of the Referral field is preferred.


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Re: Multiple active referrals

This issue has reared its head for us again recently. We probably see a patient every few weeks that has multiple referral vets.

We would like to be able to have mutliple active referrals per vet. This would also assist when emailing histories (i.e. we could send to one in the To: field and the other in the CC: field).

Ideally it would be good if the $refvetpractice macro would also drop in the names of both vets if there are two active referrals.

as fars I can see this project would satsify the former requirement though perhaps not the latter. It also begs the question what would happen in the info box on the left hand side of the screen. Perhaps we could set a "preferred" referral vet/practice as we do with phone numbers and the such?



Re: Multiple active referrals

As its stands, this project isn't going to help you. I think in your case it would be better to:

1. add support for multiple active referrals per patient

2. provide all active referrals in the To, CC and BCC dropdowns of the Mail editor

3. display the most recent referral for the patient in the patient summary, but include an icon (+) if there are more. Clicking the icon displays the active referrals.

How would you use macros? If you only email one of the active referrals, having a list of all of them doesn't help. I guess we could provide a list of the recipients  that could be used in a macro like:

  concat('Dear ', list:join($recipients, 'firstName', ' and '), '
            please find attached the history for ', $
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