New style of multi selection box for editing lookups, types, organisation, templates, users & products

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New workspaces: $910

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It is hard to find an exact forum for this idea as the need for a multi select list box has arisen in multiple topics.


The idea is to allow the user to create a list then work from that list to edit the indivual items. This project has had quite a bit of discussion from the developers and the current areas it will apply (with filters listed) are;

Product: Archetype, Product Type, Name
Organisation: Archetype, Name
Type: Archetype , Name
Lookups: Archetype, Name
Templates: template type, name
Users: name
Archetypes: name

The list that is returned by the search will remain after editing so that you can return to the list and make another selection.


A sample workspace would work like this:

1. Filter your list by entering Name etc

2. Make a selection and edit.

3. An editor pops up.

4. When you complete your edits and close the editor the list is still there so another selection can be made.


Note that Customer/Patients are not included in this list but that a new development project has been created to get the customer/patient searches persist between selections (Click here to see discussion forum).

Another development project could be created (if users desire it) that would permit "Batch Editing" of customers. This might allow, for example, the addition/deletion to a of a group of customers a particular Identity or Classification. The requirements of such a workspace need input from the users to know what sort of attributes they may want to group edit (Click here to see discussion forum).



Matt C

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