Patient and Customer Search By ID

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This development will allow users to search for patients and customers using their unique IDs. These ID numbers are assigned by OpenVPMS when the customer or patient is created.

Clinics can use these IDs to uniquely identify customers or patients for purposes such as invoice/payment tracking.


Searching would occur when using the current Patient and Customer selection screens. This feature would include a refinement of the current "thinking" the program currently does when trying to understand what the user is trying to search for.


This development is fully funded.

Please email me (mpcosta[at][dot]au) with the maximum contribution you are willing to make either a percentage or as a $ amount.



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Would this project support barcode scanning of products

As it is currently, would this project allow a point-of-sale barcode scanner to be used to enter products during invoicing?

Matt Y.

Barcode scanning

Hi Matt Y,

No barcode scanning or product searching is not currently part of the project spec.


Matt C

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