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This feature provides support for managing and using prescriptions. The following describes the proposed specification for this project:

  • A new prescription tab will be available in the Patient Medical Records workspace.  This will allow users to create, edit and delete prescription information.
  • The prescription tab will also be available in the Check In and Consult workflows allowing prescriptions to be managed and dispensed during these work flows.
  • Prescription information will include the medication(product) to dispense, dispensing qty, number of repeats, expiry date, qty dispensed (read only), clinician who created the prescription and label information.  
  • When creating a new Prescription the label information will default to the label information for the selected product.  This can be edited and will be stored with the prescription and used for subsequent dispensing.
  • The Practice can set a default Prescription expiry period. 
  • Prescriptions that have a non zero qty dispensed amount cannot be deleted.
  • A Print button will allow printing of a prescription specific template defined in Administration -> Templates with a new Type of "Prescription".
  • A Dispense button will display the standard label dialog with the quantity field defaulted to the prescription default quantity (or the quantity remaining if less), the label text to the prescription default label text and the clinician to the current clinician. The amount, expiry, clinician and label can be modified.  The amount entered cannot be greater than the amount remaining to be dispensed which is  ((no of repeats+1) X dispensing qty) -  qty dispensed.   On confirming the dialogue the prescription qty dispensed is updated and a new invoice line item and associated visit medication are added to the appropriate invoice and visit.
  • Users cannot dispense from a prescription who's expiry date has lapsed or the qty dispensed is equal to ((no of repeats+1) X dispensing qty).
  • During invoicing if a product is selected that has a valid (non expired and greater than zero available qty) prescription defined the user will be prompted if they want to dispense using the selected prescription or not.  If selected the process above is invoked otherwsie the standard medication dispensing process is used.


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