Prompt for letter parameters during invoicing

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This project arose from the situation where documents linked to products are all processed on commit of an invoice. 

This prevents letter documents being generated, as parameters cannot be prompted for.

When a document is selected that has a letter template with parameters, support will be added to pop up a dialog to prompt for the parameters.

If there is more than one letter with parameters, multiple dialogs will be displayed, one after the other.



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Re: Prompt for letter parameters during invoicing

Hi, I would like to contribute 10% to this project.

I'm thinking of using this to input the fields of a prescription letter for example (if you choose to charge a prescription fee and link it to the letter document template). This functionality would save time by streamlining the process.

I'm also thinking of using this function to input next vaccination assessment due date on vaccination certificates during invoicing for example (since there is no current link between them). I realise there is another project in relation to the 'vaccination due date' merge field which will be the better option because the reminder date is already there so we don't have to type it in manually.

Can anyone suggest any other usage?


Anthony (ActiVet)

Kind regards,

Anthony (ActiVet)

Re: Prompt for letter parameters during invoicing

This project has been costed at a $850. Anthony pledged 10% funding for this project!
(10% funded. $765 remaining)

Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum).
Development will not commence until fully funded.


In answer to your query Anthony, I think your use with dispensing scripts is one that was thought of during the ideas creation. Other applications could include customising/personalising post surgery/discharge information by having them as letters rather then forms.

Matt C

Re: Prompt for letter parameters during invoicing


We would like to pledge 20% to this project.

We see we will use it for personalising home care info sheets with Suture Removal Dates, Medication instructions etc.


Bernie & Jannine

Re: Prompt for letter parameters during invoicing

This project has now been fully funded because of a generous donation by one of our most active supporters.

Thank you.

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