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Hi everyone,
When we originally talked about the design of OpenVPMS we had in mind the cut back efficiency of text based Netvet with the richness of a mouse based, graphical interface. We said we wanted the best of both worlds. The netvet users amongst us were getting a modern product that did heaps more but we were going to sacrifice some speed and efficiency for it.

I think we have got a very speedy solution that indeed has added a rich graphical interface with good efficiency. But OpenVPMS never intended to be just "Good".

So I am hoping to collate a set of little workflow tweaks that might speed up some common processes. Ideally I want to cut the number of clicks and where possible make a click into a keystroke.

On their own that don't justify a project but together they could really speed up our product.

I'm not after major work flow changes, just little things in the current implementation that could be cutback or made more efficient.

I'll start the ball rolling but for those interested in reducing the clicks, start counting the clicks and think of ways to cut them out!
"Focus" just refers to where the cursor goes.


Current List

1. Having the contents of a text box selected, so you can overwrite straight away rather then selecting or deleting as a default behaviour for any dialog where the focus goes to a text box

eg. When making a new appointment, having the contents of the Customer box selected so you can overwrite straight away rather then selecting or deleting. (Infact ).

2. When adding an appointment, if the user uses the combination of Patient and Customer to find a Customer, both get entered in the New appointment dialog rather then having to enter the patient again.

3. Having the "Search" buttons (the ones with binoculars) taken out of the tab order.

4. In Schedule Views and Worklist Views, have a default Highlight option to prevent having to select it each time you log-in/out.

5. New Invoice Box where it says 'select the type of invoice you want to create', set a default.

eg: Automatically highlight invoice so an ENTER would accept it.

6.  Under Administration when you go to  Administration -> Templates -> Select, automatically set focus to the the text box.


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