Reminder mail export to CSV

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Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum). Development will not commence until fully funded.

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This project will add support to export reminders that need mailing to a CSV file, instead of printing them.

This can be sent to a third party to perform the reminder mail-out.

The CSV file will contain:

  • customer identifier
  • customer title
  • customer first name
  • customer surname
  • customer street address
  • customer suburb
  • customer state
  • customer postcode
  • customer phone number (SMS phone number, or preferred phone if not available)
  • patient identifier
  • patient name
  • patient species
  • patient breed
  • patient sex
  • patient colour
  • patient date of birth
  • reminder type id
  • reminder type name
  • due date
  • reminder count
  • reminder last sent date

To determine if a reminder should be printed or exported, the entityRelationship.reminderTypeTemplate archetype will have a new boolean "export" node. If true, and the reminder is to be mailed, it will be exported instead of printed.

The CSV file will be downloaded to the browser for the user to save on completion of reminder generation.

Tab separated files will also be supported, to avoid the need to escape fields containing commas.

The type of export will be configurable at the practice level.



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Re: Reminder mail export to CSV

Could I suggest a few more fields to allow more customisation. I would suggest

Client: mobile number (to be able to use for sms), email address (to allow to use for emails), first name, surname, title

Patient: breed, sex, species, dob

I am really keen to get this up for 1.7

Re: Reminder mail export to CSV

Could we get a price on this one please.

Re: Reminder mail export to CSV

Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital will fund this project smiley

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