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Development Project Status: Under Discussion

Due date for completion of this stage: 

Currently reports access practice logos via hard-coded paths stored on the server.

This project will:

  • allow logos to be stored in the database
  • allow logos to be linked to the Practice or Practice Location
  • provide functions to retrieve the logo for the Practice or Practice Location, for use within Jasper Report templates and OpenOffice/Word templates
  • allow multiple logos to be stored, and referred to by name (e.g. "small", "banner", "large")
  • fall back to a default Practice logo, if a Practice Location doesn't specify one

Sample report functions:

  • logo:get("banner")  - returns the banner logo for the practice
  • logo:get("", "large") - returns the "large" logo for the customer's default practice location, falling back to the practice "large" logo, if the customer doesn't have a default practice location
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