SMS Appointment Reminders (Manual)

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Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum).
Development will not commence until fully funded.

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21/12/2015 - The functionality of this project has been rolled into SMS Appointment Reminders (Automatic), available in OpenVPMS 1.9


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This is a subset of the features of SMS Appointment Reminders (Automatic), provided as a lower cost alternative.

1. Sending SMSes manually
If the customer associated with the selected appointment in the Scheduling workspace may receive SMSes, a new "Remind" button will be available.
Clicking "Remind" will immediately send an SMS reminder to the customer.

2. Sending a SMS for an appointment will change the appointment status to "Reminded".
This status would function the same as Pending in regards to Check In etc.

3. The SMS text will be generated from an xpath expression configured on party.organisationPractice

4. If the generated SMS text exceeds 160 characters, an SMS editor will be displayed to allow the user to manually edit the text, prior to sending it.

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