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Development Project Status: Cancelled





 This project has been cancelled and split into two new projects.

Part a) Appointment Reminders (Automatic)  (Jira 1097)

Part b) Appointment Reminders (Manual) (Jira 1098)


The idea was to have the same "Send SMS to Customer” button that is proposed for the Customer summary, inserted onto Appointments blocks in the scheduler. The schedule for a future day could be opened and a user send SMS's to each customer giving them a courtesy message about the appointment. The body of the courtesy  message could be stored in a text macro but it would need to reference the appointment details it was attached to.


eg. "This is a courtesy SMS from Happy Valley Vet Clinic to remind you of Fluffy's appointment at 9am on the 25th of March. Please call the clinic on XXX-XXXX if you need to reschedule.  This phone will self destruct in 10 seconds..." or something similiar.

Revised 03/11/11

o        Part 1 – SMS Beginnings has absorbed quite a bit of the scope of this feature. A user will be able to be SMS’d from the Customer summary when Part 1 is delivered. Standardised SMS messages could be achieved by using Macros (eg. Reminders etc)

o        Therefore the discussion  led to this being redefined as sending a batch set of appointment reminders  for a particular day.

o        This project remains Under Discussion.

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