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Add the ability to add SMS reminders as a method of delivery of reminders from within the Reminder configuration if a customer:

  • has a phone contact with a REMINDER classification; and
  • has elected to receive SMS messages.



  • the SMS message will not support token replacement, to avoid exceeding the 160 character limit
  • there has been a request to support reminders by SMS for a specific reminder count (e.g. after the second reminder has been sent). That is out of the scope of this project


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SMS Project - Reminders (10%)

A user has pledged 10% funding for this project! (10% funded. $1359 remaining)

Public pledges can be made to this forum topic or email me directly by clicking here (link only works in the forum).

Remember this project will not go ahead without "The First steps" being completely funded.


Development will not commence until fully funded. Matt C here

Re: SMS Project - Reminders

For the initial version, there will be no support for merging data on grouped SMS reminders as its easy to exceed the 160 character limit.
Most SMS providers do allow you to exceed it, but truncate long messages by default.
For grouped reminders a generic message would be used - e.g.
Our records indicate your pet is due for a visit. Please contact us on 12345667 to make an appointment

Currently the delivery mechanism is determined by the customer contact details, not the reminder count, unless the template is flagged as 'list'. To change this behaviour, a separate project should be instigated.

Re: SMS Project - Reminders

Happy to contribute $500 to SMS reminder project. It would be great if it could include SMS "bursts" to all clients on special promotions, discounts etc.

Re: SMS Project - Reminders

Excellent. I've created a new project for adhoc messaging here:


Re: SMS Project - Reminders

After a long period in limbo, this project has become fully funded and can now proceed. If you pledged to support this project I will be writing to confirm that your pledge still stands.

Re: SMS Project - Reminders

Any idea when this will become avaliable? Can it be downloaded like a report or will it be part of the next upgrade?



Dr. Trevor Pavey


Lakeside Vet Centre

Re: SMS Project - Reminders

Assuming its funded, it will go into the 1.8 release.


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