Streamline Creation of Visit Items

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This is an addendum to this project which has already been completed.

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Currently, to add a visit item (Note, Weight etc) requires:

  1. the parent Visit/Problem to be selected and edited
  2. the item's type selected in the Records tab, and added

This applies to both the patient Medical Records -> Summary workspace, and the "Edit Medical Records" dialog used during Check-in and Consult,

This should be streamlined so that:

  1. A 'New' button is displayed (in Edit Medical Records dialog only - the patient Medical Records workspace already has it)
  2. If a Visit is selected, clicking New brings up a "Select the type of Medical Record to create" dialog with the following options:
    • Visit
    • Note
    • Problem
    • Weight etc
  3. If no Visit is selected, clicking New creates a new Visit and edits it as is the case now
  4. If a Note, Problem, or Weight etc was created, this would automatically be linked to the visit on save.

In addition, the "Select the type of Medical Record to create" dialog should:

  • be keyboard navigable (up and down key)
  • support selection via Enter or mouse click
  • have a default value highlighted. This would be 'Note as it is used the most frequently
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