Support for Multiple Stock Locations per Practice

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Development Project Status: Stalled

This feature seeks to create multiple stock locations within a single practice. An example might be multiple dispensaries or the addition of a mobile dispensary such as a vehicle. This may be of particular use in large animal clinics.

There is some discussion as to how the location might be selected when dispensing products without having to add another step to the billing process.


Update (18/09/2009):

Hi everyone, the title and summary of this project has been changed to better reflect the requirement. Apologies for any confusion.



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Support for Multiple

Hi Matt,

There is a bit of confusion from potential usesr about this project.

It reads as though OpenVPMS does not support managing stock when a practice has multiple locations were in fact it does. 

This project actually refers  to adding support for multiple stock locations per location which is not a common requirement and hence not included in the original stock management update.

Can we please change the project description to reflect this.




Support for Multiple Stock Locations per Practice (Updated)

Thanks Tony have revised.


Cheers, Matt C

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