Transaction reversal suppression

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Customer transactions occasionally need to be reversed as a result of user error e.g.:

  1. wrong payment type used (ie cheque instead of EFT, etc)
  2. wrong amount entered
  3. wrong customer used

These reversals appear in the customer's statement.

This project will provide the facility to:

  1. Suppress the reversing and reversed transactions in the customer's statement
  • This will be done by adding a 'hide' flag to the transaction archetypes.
  • The statement items report will suppress transactions where 'hide' = true.
  • The 'hide' flag will be set at the time of reversal, for those transactions that appear in the latest statement period (i.e. it will not be possible to hide the reversal of a transaction done in an earlier statement period).
  • The 'hide' flag will be prompted for at reversal. It will default to 'false'.
  1. Prompt for the Notes field at reversal
  • Currently, the Notes field defaults to 'Reversal of <transaction> <id>'. This should be the default, but should also be editable.
  • If no text is entered, ''Reversal of <transaction> <id>' should continue to be used.
  1. Set the Reference field at reversal
  • The Reference field of the reversing transaction should be set to the Id of the reversed transaction, but may be edited
  1. 'Unhide' suppressed transactions
  • This may be used if a reversal was erroneouly flagged to be hidden.
  • This will be available to administrators only
  • Both the reversing and reversed transactions will be unhidden. A relationship must be added between them at the time of reversal to support this.




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Re: Transaction reversal suppression

Tim - looks good - cost it up and I will get you the money.  Regards, Tim G

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