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Project description: 

This project will provide support for user preferences.

Initially it will:

  • enable the Home Page to be specified on a per-user basis. This is the screen that is displayed when the user logs in
  • enable the scheduling, worklist and patient history display preferences to be specified
  • store the My Recent customers and patients, between sessions

User preferences will be accessed by a 'gear' icon, located on the top-right of the screen.

Home Page

The User Preferences screen will provide a list of pages that may be set as the Home Page. These are:

  • Customers - Information
  • Customers - Documents
  • Customers - Estimates
  • Customers - Charges
  • Customers - Payments
  • Customers - Account
  • Customers - Notes & Alerts
  • Patients - Information
  • Patients - Medical Records
  • Suppliers - Information
  • Suppliers - Documents
  • Suppliers - Orders
  • Suppliers - Deliveries
  • Suppliers - Charges
  • Suppliers - Payments
  • Suppliers - Account
  • Workflow - Scheduling
  • Workflow - Work Lists
  • Workflow - Messaging
  • Workflow - Investigations
  • Products - Information
  • Products - Stock Management
  • Reporting - Till Balancing
  • Reporting - Deposits
  • Reporting - Debtors
  • Reporting - Work In Progress
  • Reporting - Reminders
  • Reporting - Reports

Charges and Estimates

Preferences may be set for charges and estimates:

  • Show Templates - determines if the Items table should include a Template column, indicating the template a product came from
  • Show Product Types - determines if the Items table should include a Product Type, indicating the type of a product

For charges:

  • Show Batches - determines if the Items table should include a Batch column, indicating the batch of a product

Scheduling Display

Preferences may be set for Workflow - Scheduling:

  • View - the view to display. If unset, defaults to the Practice Location default
  • Schedule - the schedule to display, or All, to display all schedules in the View
  • Clinician - the clinician to select. Defaults to All
  • Highlight - one of Event Type, Clinician or Status. If unset, defaults to the Highlight specified by the View
  • Time - the time range to display. One of All, Now (AM/PM) or Now (Morning/Afternoon/Evening)

Work List Display

Preferences may be set for Workflow - Work Lists:

  • View - the view to display. If unset, defaults to the Practice Location default
  • Work List - the work list to display, or All, to display all work lists in the View
  • Clinician - the clinician to select. Defaults to All
  • Highlight - one of Event Type, Clinician or Status. If unset, defaults to the Highlight specified by the View
  • Status - the status of Tasks to display. One of All, Incomplete or Complete. If unset, it defaults to Incomplete

Patient History Display

Preferences may be set for Patients - Medical Records - Summary:

  • Show Clinician - determines if the clinician is shown in history items
  • Show Charges - determines if charge items are shown in patient history
  • Sort Order - determines if items within visits are sorted on ascending or descending time


The following Practice configuration options need to be migrated to user preferences:

  • Show Clinician In History Items
  • Medical Records Sort Order
  • Show Batch During Charging
  • Show Template During Charging
  • Show Product Type During Charging




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Re: User Preferences - defaults & saved enviroment & printers

Tim A - I suspect that we need the ability to set some default values so that when the facility is implemented, one can set the default home page and other options, and this then applied to all users; and you only have to go and set the individual users settings where these differ from the defaults.

How do these defaults merge with the concept of having the system remember one's 'environment' - so that when you next log in, the system has set things as though you never logged off.  I suspect that we will need a setting of Home Page = last used - ie the last one you were looking at prior to logging off.

Printers - currently we set the default printer via the Practice Location. This means that one needs to use the Upstairs/Downstairs location trick discussed in . Should we include the default printer as a user preference, and let this (if set) take precedence over the default printer set for the Practice Location? Note that to fully take advantage of this, one needs a concept of logical printers and physical printers. That is one defines a set of logical printers (A4 Plain, A4 Letterhead, A5 ditto, drug label), and where we currently define physical printers for document templates, we change these to logical printers.  There would be a default physical printer set for each logical printer, but the user could set a different mapping in their preferences. To make it easier to transition to the new facility, perhaps the approach is to have all logical printer name start with say #, so that PRNT1-R2 is a physical printer but #A4Plain is a logical printer and the code knows to go and get the appropriate physical printer (either from the default or the user's preferences).

Regards, Tim G

Re: User Preferences - defaults & saved enviroment & printers

Missed this one somehow. Printer mapping is a more complex issue that should be addressed outside this project. It will need some user preference support, but the bulk of the work will be in:

  • being able to define mappings between logical and physical printers
  • select the appropriate mapping relevant to a user
  • indicate which physical printer is actually going to be used when printing

Looking back at the forum, there wan't much support for restoring the previous session.


Re: User Preferences


Is is possible to cost this project please?



Re: User Preferences

Could we add the option to set a default for the inclusion of costs in the patient history display re discussion here

Additionally I would move the clinician option out of the Practice config and into user config.

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Re: User Preferences

Would you be able to set default settings for new users so you didn't have to reset the settings each time you created a new user? Alternatively, if you could create a new user by copying an existing user so that settings would be inherited.

Re: User Preferences

I think it would be better to do it by copying an existing user, minus their contact details. I'd handle this via a separate project however; this one is big enough.

Re: User Preferences

We will commit to funding at least 1/3 of this project. Can others please come forward for the rest?

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