About OpenVPMS

What is OpenVPMS?

OpenVPMS delivers four key products via its open source subscription model. Together they form a fully functional veterinary management software package for your business. 

The four key products are

  1. The OpenVPMS (Veterinary Practice Management Software) Business Framework. This forms the basis of the system and consists of the core database and structure.
  2. The OpenVPMS Web Application. This is a fully functional web browser-based practice management software. The software can be run through any browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.
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  4. The OpenVPMS Reporting Interface. A standardised reporting interface which allows the management software to produce reports based on the backend database.
  5. The OpenVPMS Data Migration Tools. Tools to migrate data from existing management systems to OpenVPMS. 

Who owns OpenVPMS?

OpenVPMS is a not for profit organisation built around the development and supply of open source Veterinary Practice Management Systems.

OpenVPMS is owned by its members. A committee populated by members, manages its operation.

OpenVPMS is structured as a not-for-profit organisation whose members are comprised of:

  1. Users of its products (eg. Veterinarians using the Open VPMS web application to manage their practices). 
  2. Developers utilising the open source code to create other products or add to the existing web application. 
  3. Interested parties such as associated industry (e.g. Veterinary pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, microchip registries and wholesalers). 
  4. OpenVPMS is run by a board of Directors that manage the business from day to day. The Directors are either involved in or have an interest in the veterinary profession and contribute a mixture of vision, expertise, funds and industry knowledge to the overall goals of the organisation.

There are no shareholders as all profits can only be used to advance the cause of the organisation and it's members.

The fundamental differences between OpenVPMS and other software providers are:

  • OpenVPMS is a not-for-profit organisation with a simple agenda- Providing reasonable software solutions for its members. 
  • You can utilise any service provider you wish for technical or software support. 
  • You are free to migrate your information to another software package without restriction.

For further information look at the frequently asked questions.