Customer managment

Manage your customer details, including:

  • contacts: name, postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses
  • charges, estimates, and payments
  • alerts: e.g. valued customer, bad debtor
  • their pets – your patients
  • documents

Patient management

Manage your patient details, including:

  • name, species and breed
  • alerts
  • history
  • problems
  • prescriptions
  • documents and images
  • insurance


  • Enter and track appointments
  • See customer and patient summaries for each appointment
  • Find available slots in busy schedules into the future
  • Find available slots based on a clinician's roster
  • Automatic SMS appointment reminders
  • Online appointments, via PetYeti and Vetstoria

Patient Insurance

  • Record patient insurance policies, and make claims against those policies
  • Submit claims online via PetSure VetHub
  • Submit claims via email


  • Manage boarding for any number of kennels and cages
  • Day and overnight boarding rates are supported
  • multiple pets can be housed in a single kennel/cage, charged at different rates e.g.:
    • Luxury Suite Charge - $65/day
    • Luxury Suite 2nd Pet - $30/day
  • A late checkout fee can be charged if check-out occurs after a certain time

Doing Business

OpenVPMS provides:

  • a complete set of financial transactions: invoices, credit notes, payments, refunds, and adjustments
  • counter sales to known or anonymous customers
  • location branding of printed invoices, receipts, etc
  • till balancing without stopping the business
  • estimates. Invoices can be generated from these
  • support to track work in progress


OpenVPMS can produce documents with content merged from customer, patient, or product information.

These can be linked to products so that when a product is invoiced, a corresponding document is saved in the patient history. E.g. if a vaccination is provided, a corresponding Vaccination certificate can be generated and automatically printed.

Standalone or Cloud-based

OpenVPMS can run on computers in your practice, or be deployed in the Cloud.


A single OpenVPMS installation can support mulitple practice locations, with different pricing strategies for the same products at each location.

Stock Management

OpenVPMS supports:

  • automatic or manual reordering of stock
  • automatic supplier price updates
  • easy stock taking
  • multiple suppliers per product
  • preferred suppliers for different locations
  • batch management
  • out-of-stock warnings during charging

Supplier integration

OpenVPMS can submit orders to:

Integration with other applications

OpenVPMS can be integrated with:

SMS Provider Integration

OpenVPMS integrates with:


  • Automatically create patient reminders during invoicing
  • Send reminders via mail, email, or SMS
  • Automatically send email and SMS reminders


  • OpenVPMS comes with many reports to print or export information and to evaluate your practice's performance.
  • With its open data model, you can create your own reports, modify the provided ones or add those contributed by the OpenVPMS user community.
  • Reports can be scheduled to run automatically, with the output printed, emailed, or saved to file


OpenVPMS can send HL7 messages, allowing it to send patient information, laboratory and pharmacy orders to other applications, including IDEXX LabLink and Cubex.

Customer Communication

You can:

  • send emails and SMS text to your customers from within the application.
  • use the email and SMS provider of your choice.
  • send faxes via a suitable gateway.
  • CC or BCC emails to staff members, referring vets, or arbitrary addressees.
  • automatically record customer communications


OpenVPMS can be tailored to match your requirements. You can:

  • add or change fields
  • change the look and feel

Data Entry

OpenVPMS accelerates data entry by providing:

  • customisable macros. These can be simple shortcuts for commonly entered text, or they can produce a summary of patient history
  • relative date entry e.g. 6m displays a date 6 months in the future.

Getting Help

OpenVPMS has superb on-line documentation. There are pages for each screen - these can be launched within the application by pressing Alt-F1.

If you need help, there is a very responsive user forum.

Vendor Neutrality

  • OpenVPMS is based on opensource technology and standards.
  • You have full access to your data.
  • There is no vendor lock-in.

And Finally...

OpenVPMS is feature rich, and very inexpensive!