Licensing and Subscriptions Fees

The OpenVPMS software is an open source project with a subscription-based license.

The software can be downloaded and installed for free but if any component of the licensed OpenVPMS source or object code is installed locally or delivered via an alternative means such as through an Application Service Provider the onus is on the Veterinary Practice end-user to pay the subscription fees due to OpenVPMS.

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In order to use OpenVPMS in a veterinary practice you need to purchase a subscription each year. The funds from subscriptions pay for the development of this software.


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Earlier versions

Use the following links if you need an earlier version: ('Download' to download the package, 'Notes' for the release notes)

2.3 Download   Notes        
2.2 Download   Notes 2.2.1 Download   Notes 2.2.2 Download  Notes 2.2.3 Download  Notes  
2.1 Download   Notes 2.1.1 Download   Notes 2.1.2 Download  Notes 2.1.3 Download  Notes 2.1.4 Download  Notes
2.0 Download   Notes 2.0.1 Download   Notes 2.0.2 Download  Notes 2.0.3 Download  Notes 2.0.4 Download  Notes
1.9 Download   Notes 1.9.1 Download   Notes 1.9.2 Download  Notes 1.9.3 Download  Notes  
1.8 Download   Notes 1.8.1 Download   Notes      
1.7 Download   Notes 1.7.1 Download   Notes      
1.6 Download   Notes 1.6.1 Download   Notes 1.6.2 Download  Notes    
1.5 Download   Notes 1.5.1 Download   Notes      
1.4 Download   Notes