Based on the OpenVPMS licensing requirements everyone that is defined as a 'User Subscriber' needs to maintain a current subscription with OpenVPMS Ltd in order to continue to utilise any OpenVPMS software components.

Subscriptions can be divided into Veterinary Practices subscriptions, Developer Subscriptions and Other Subscriptions.

OpenVPMS is a Not-For-Profit organisation.
The annual subscription fees are used to pay administrative costs, some of the programming costs and to repay the seed funding costs.
The remainder of our programming and other costs are funded by income we receive from individual vets or groups of individual vets supporting a development project. Supporters of development projects are usually clinicians who see the need for features that don't yet exist in the application. Projects funded in this way are then made available for all clinics to use when they update to the latest version of OpenVPMS.

Veterinary Practice subscriptions

In order to use the software in a practice you need to purchase a subscription in order to comply with the OpenVPMS license.

Other Organisations

If you are a Educational Institution or Not For Profit Organisation in the Veterinary Industry please Contact Us for special subscription rates.

Developer subscriptions

Developer Subscriptions are free to all registered OpenVPMS developers.

Other Subscriptions

Although the OpenVPMS projects were initiated by specific needs in the veterinary industry we recognise that there will be other industries that could benefit from these projects. This is specifically true of the Business Framework project but we see that the VPMS Web application could also be of use to other allied professional industries like Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy etc.

On this basis we invite users to Contact Us so we can fully understand your proposed application of the software and work out a suitable subscription model for your industry.